Here are some of the wonderful things our residents and their loved ones have said about Prideaux House and its staff recently. We are extremely proud of the work we do and very much appreciate these kind words.

“You looked after my mum, Beryl Hook, until she passed away on April 29th. [...] I cannot thank you all enough for the amazing care you showed mum. And for how much you cared for us too as we watched her fade away in her last week. I'm sorry you didn't get to meet the fun loving Beryl who would've had you all conga-ing around the lounge and who I have no doubt would've got up to mischief with [Service User]! And the care you all showed my dad was far beyond anything we had expected. It was such a hard decision for him to finally let the love of his life go into care, but the staff helped him through in so many ways. Mum died at the end of a calendar month. I said to my sister around the 28th April, "I wonder if I'll get a bill for April?" ...knowing these would normally be prepared in the final week of the month. I suspected that I wouldn't (it would've been fine if I had) but my guess was that whoever sends the bills would be asked to hold off due to the circumstances. And as predicted, no bill arrived. It's the little things like this that speak volumes about the extended care that is shown, and it didn't go unnoticed. In the short time that mum was with you, we really got to know the staff and in a weird way we miss seeing them too. It felt like they became part of our family over those few weeks that mum was there. So a huge thank you to all of you. You are exceptional people to do the work that you do. [...] Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and best wishes to all of you”

– Sharon

“Following our conversation today, I would like to say how happy both I and my mother have been with the care, support and professional all round service that she receives at Prideaux House, I honestly don't think I could have found a better home for her.

When Mum was in hospital last May there were times I didn't think she would be able to come back to you, but with your help and determination she made a brilliant recovery and has enjoyed all the activities offered to her.

Now, here we are again and I'm having to depend on your support once again. I do feel that if she is going to recover from this recent hospital stay she couldn't be in better hands, I feel sure you can achieve a similar result again, and of course if you think of anything I can do to promote her recovery please don't hesitate to let me  know.

I understand that if Mum doesn't achieve the goal of being able to transfer and weight bear within a six week period she will no doubt need to go to a nursing home. I hope and pray this doesn't happen because I'm sure she will deteriorate rapidly.

Again thank you all for your dedication and determination, It's these qualities that make you all so special.”

“Wonderful caring home, excellent food and great activities. Mum very very happy as are the family. We can relax in the knowledge that she is being looked after with five star care”

A relative (S.D)

“My wife has been a resident of Prideaux House now for two and a half years. During this time I have not had a cause for complaint and always found the staff very friendly and helpful. Prideaux is a very charming place and is kept very clean and has a well kept garden at the rear”

– A relative (B.S)

"Our family have the highest regard for the quality of care at Prideaux House, both for the client’s wellbeing physically, but also for their emotional wellbeing.

Our mother has just passed away after spending nearly 7 years at Prideaux House in Eastbourne. She was originally in another care home, whose costs escalated ridiculously and whose care decreased exponentially. From the time she arrived at Prideaux House with Alzheimer’s, we had been told that she would be in a nursing home within several months, but within a month she was walking unaided with a frame. She immediately took to the staff and responded to them and they made every effort to engage with her. Her health remained stable; she ate well, she was dressed well, she had regular hair appointments and hand massages which she loved and there were plenty of activities and outings, including visits by children and people with small animals which all the clients enjoyed. Staff responded to all questions and needs, sometimes going out of their way to help over and above any job description.

At Christmas, we would visit and sit amongst the presents, the music and Father Christmas and think how lucky we were that we had found such a responsible and caring environment for her. Her room was changed according to her needs, with our consent and a new bed bought for her when she spent more time in it. In recent months, despite her frailty, the home was about to purchase a new chair that would allow her to nap more comfortably in the living room.

We cannot recommend this Care Home more highly. The care she received was outstanding and attentive, the environment always pleasant and the staff unfailingly bright and welcoming. We became fond of them all and in her last days, her closest staff members visited her in hospital, which really touched us.  

It is an overwhelming responsibility to choose a care home for your mother and I don’t think a day went by that we didn’t give thanks for finding such a caring and attentive care home. It made the distress at not being able to engage with our mum in the way we used to be able to, that much easier to bear, knowing that she was so well looked after.”
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